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Projects: Face Tracking Turret Update #2

Hey guys! I finally have some time to update the blog. So, I figure today’s blog post will be an update on my face tracking turret project. In my last post, I mentioned I ran into some difficulty with figuring out a way to implement the image tracking in Matlab.  However, I ran into an article that will jump start this project.


In an article posted by Sparkfun, they implemented a face tracker using Processing, an open source programming language developed by the folks who worked on the Arduino. The interesting thing is that there is an Open CV library, in Processing. For those who do not know, Open CV is an open source computer vision library that can be implemented in C++, Java, Python, and even Android. I’m 100% certain I will be utilizing the Open CV library for this project.

As for the decision to go with the USB missile launcher or the water pump, I decided that the only way to decide is by buying the USB missile turret and reverse engineer it. In other words, I will take it apart and learn how to control it using the Arduino. If it is possible to control it using the Arduino, then I will use the USB missile turret. If not, then I will use a water pump instead. I will buy the missile turret sometime next week. I will let you guys know what I found from USB missile turret breakdown and a way to control it manually from your Arduino.