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Projects: Face Tracking Turret Update #1

Hey guys! Long time no chat. Sorry for my lack of updates lately, but I’m not only swapped with school work, but I have a ton of research work as well. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned to you guys about my new project, the face tracking turret. Well, it turns it might be more difficult than I imagined. Not only because I never did image tracking before, but because my original idea on how to do the face tracking is probably not going to work.
My original idea for the face tracker is to connect the camera to Matlab 2012b, use its image processing library and computer vision library. I knew for a fact that Matlab can do image processing without any problems. The problem? Well…the computer vision library costs an arm and leg. That’s no problem, right? My school’s Matlab license should cover it? Nope. The library is so expensive, that even my school refused to add it to our Matlab 2012b installation. I will try to see if the computer vision library is in the Matlab 2012a installation but I doubt it. However, there is another option. I looked into OpenCV, an image processing library for not only Android phones, but Python as well! So project is far from over.
Another important issue I started to think about was the turret’s defense mechanism. Originally I thought about using USB missile launchers, but there’s no documentation on how to take these things apart. I have two options: take the usb missile launcher apart myself and post the documentation online, or have the turret shoot water at its victims. I’m still thinking about it.
In the past, I always used PIC microcontrollers in a heartbeat. However, I think I will stick with the Arduino this time. Most specifically, the Arduino Mega 2560. You know the best part? I got it for free from my Mechatronics research. Another reason why I might use the Arduino Mega is the fact Simulink, Matlab’s graphical GUI interface program, fully supports Arduino. So, if I find a way to do image processing using the Matlab, then I can easily create Arduino system blocks in Simulink to create the turret. I am kinda of disappointed that I do not have any tangible results for you guys, but I am still planning for this project. Stay tuned for more details.


Projects: Face Tracking Turrent

Hey guys! School is going okay-ish. I have fewer classes to take this semester, but I have a part- well contractual- time job, a lab assistant position, and a private tutor positions this semester. Not to mention an undergraduate research project to do. Speaking of which, I figured out my next project!

So the research I mentioned before is a mechatronics research. My friend and I are responsible for testing the new Mechtronics kits this semester. What’s cool about these kits is the fact that they use primarily Arduino, a Lego NXT motor and Matlab. Although I primarily use PIC microcontrollers, my experience with Arduino is much stronger than my experience with PIC microcontrollers. Lately, I came across a lot of tutorials which people are able to track their face using Matlab. Then I saw this beauty.

To make a long story short, I WANT TO CREATE THAT! I want to create a face tracking turret. Although my default choice is to use a PIC microcontroller, I might open the project to Arduino. One of the reasons I want to work on this project is not only the fact it’s wicked, but I have a final project to do for my Mechatronics class. You read that right. I’m doing Mechatronics research and taking a Mechatronics class at the same time. Ironic isn’t it (if not cheating according to my multiple friends)?

Keep in mind; I have no experience with image processing. In other words, I need to learn how to use the image processing library in Matlab. I already know how to communicate microcontrollers yo Matlab using serial communication, so I can just skip that step. What I need to figure out is whether I want my device to shoot out water, or to shoot nerf darts. This is going to be a fun project! I’ll see you guys later!