Cool Cap Engineer

Engineering by an anime nerd


I’m the type of person who works on various engineering projects just for fun. Here are some projects that I am working on or just finished. Each project shall divided up into the following statues: ongoing, completed, on-hold, or canceled. The status of a project can change in a heart beat and I can work on more than one project at a time.

7 Level Inverter (On Hold): This project was inspired by the ideal simulation work I did back at a REU program at Univeristy of Tennessee at Knoxville. The whole inverter must output a 7 step staircase waveform and takes in a voltage source at each level and converts it to a sinusodial waveform with an L-C filter added at the output.

El Wire Jacket (Completed): Part of my Tron-ish outfit for Haloween

Linearized Force Sensor(Completed): This project was brought up trying to prove to my friend that the non-linear circuit he used for his force sensor will be a pain to work with and that there’s an easier circuit to use.

N64 Emulator Controller (Canceled): This project was based on my frustration playing Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time on Project 64 emulator.

Pygames Controller(Completed):  Originally based on the N64 Emulator Controller, but decided to make a controller compatible with Pygames since I realized I could integrate serial library with pygames.

Face Tracking Turret (Canceled): Based off a Penn State project, I wanted to create a face tracker that can shot people with nerf missiles if the person got too close.

Arduino 24V Motor Shield Project:(Ongoing): Started off as a project to see if I understood proper motor control.

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