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PSA- The Disappearance of CoolCapEngineer

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It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog. The reason for the disappearance of posts was the fact that I came to a realization that my past job was making me miserable and needed to obtain a new job. Let me explain what happened.

If you’re a regular visitor on the blog, then you might be familiar with the fact that I worked as a Junior Project Engineer in Woodstock, NY. However, the job was not as amazing and career advancing  I expected it to be. The environment was unnecessarily stressful as my supervisor and my co-workers made things very unpleasant for me. My supervisor would verbally abuse me for the way I completed my assignment despite the fact I finished the tasks in a timely manner.  Some of my older co-workers would demean me for making small mistakes- e.g. mixing up which electrical component leads or lags for current during conversations.  It was to a point where there were accounts of racism – a topic which I honesty try to avoid as much as possible- was mixed in the verbal abuse. So from January till mid-February, I spent my time looking and applying for new jobs.

Despite the stressful situation, I managed to obtain an associate design engineer job near Boston, Massachusetts- a location which I always dreamt of living even before obtaining my previous job. Thus I will begin working for this company during the first week of March and began the moving process.

So what does this mean for new posts? Unfortunately, I will not post any new articles until the start of the summer.  Although I could start posting new articles in April, or when I’m fully acclimated with my new job and living location, I see this as an opportunity to drastically improve this blog including a new look, new articles, a chance to show the small lab I’m trying to setup in my new apartment and a new V-blog category.

As for my Arduino brushed motor controller project, I have not forgotten about it and will resume working on before the blog starts.

Despite my hiatus, my Twitter page will still be active. Be sure to check it out when you get the chance as I keep up with power electronics, microcontroller, Kickstarter, and cool electrical engineering projects. Until then, I hope you guys have a wonderful day and see you during the summer!

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