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PSA: Kept You Waiting, Huh?

Yah…it’s been quite a long time since my last post. A lot has happened since June: I graduated from RPI, moved to Kingston, NY, and started working at a company with a focus with motor control circuitry and power electronics, which I honestly did not expect. But enough about my long hiatus, now it’s time to talk about new blog updates, and when you guys can start seeing new posts.

First things, first: projects. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but my face tracker project will have to be cancelled, due to my lack of Open CV coding knowledge. I feel embarrassed cancelling this project, since this is the third project I will cancel on this blog. HOWEVER, I am working on a power electronics project, which is 70% finished (I just need to buy some parts and to test the project).  I will talk about this power electronics project on the blog very soon.

Second thing: categories. Now that I’ve been given a stellar electrical engineering education, I will be writing basic electronic posts. These posts will not only give you a premier on basic electronic parts, but more in-depth topics to consider.  Although I talked about the PIC18F here on the blog, I was introduced to the dsPIC30F family of microcontrollers quite some time ago. In other words, I will no longer be writing microcontroller tutorials on the PIC18F but rather on the dsPIC30F.

So when can you guys start seeing new posts? Right now, I am devising several new posts as we speak. I would say December 2nd. I will publish new posts once a week so that way it will not affect work life.

If you guys still want to hear what I’ve been doing, then visit my Twitter page. Here I will be posting some cool engineering projects I’ve found, as well as the projects I’m currently working on. Again, I apologize for the long hiatus, and expect some new content soon!